Bitcoin-accepted-here-printableIn a startling move, Barclay’s Bank today decided to start accepting sterling deposits for a new UK bitcoin exchange called Bit121. Bit121 just began trading on November 11th.  According to CoinDesk magazine, Bit121 is a little sketchy on details like contact information, but that is par for the course for Bitcoin operations.

According to CoinDesk:

The Bit121 site is not very forthcoming with contact details – there is an email address on the ‘Contact’ page, but no address or phone number.

This is an exciting one to watch, however, as Barclays represents some real clout in the UK banking world and may be a hint of something even larger to come.

One has to consider how international banks might use Bitcoin acceptance as a hedge against US dollars. The US is quite confused at the moment as it is not easy to just reach out and grasp Bitcoin with its almighty hands or tax machine.

Here is the link to Bit121

This event happens, by the way, on the heels of Barclay’s last years’ drop of support for Mt. Gox. the worlds largest Bitcoin exchange.

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