I have spent the past 20+ years building database-driven web applications. My specialty is high-volume, high-availability interactive SaaS applications with components such as video and audio conferencing, product catalogs, user permissions and access management, e-commerce, subscriptions systems and media management tools.

Here are a few examples of what I can do for you:

API specialist  – Expert in secure API development and application. Everything from Google Maps to Eventful.com Events listings. If there is an API and a JSON/XML data stream, I can help. I build widgets, information catalogs, mapping applications and basically anything that performs an API call and operates on the returned data.

Distributed Database DBA – If you need high-volume, fast access databases that are shared across multiple geographic regions, I can help. I specialize in secure, user-driven systems with real-time security-key generation and restricted access. HIPPA and other compliance issues are spoken here.